Here at Kermeen & Co we offer a wide range of services and skills to suit every job. Browse our services by using the drop down menu above to find what it is we can do for you.


We manufacture a wide range of products in either small or large batch runs that can be dispatched to fit in with your turn around and lead times.

Laser Cutting

We are able to cater to your every need with the use of our laser cutter. Whether you require a a panel around the house or a specific manufactured part, we are able to draw it up and cut it out of a variety of different materials.


We are able to manufacture a wide range of boxes to suit your requirements. Whether its a toolbox for your trailer, a storage box for your caravan or a control switch board for your house. We have the skills and the knowledge to help design and produce what you need.


Flashings are one of our services our company was built on. With the ability to produce up to 6 meter lengths in a variety of profiles and shapes, our flashings will cater for your latest construction need.

Garden Accessories

Looking for that one of a kind ornament for the garden or out door room? We love the creative side of our industry, if you have an idea or design we have the skills to make it happen.

Custom Fabrication

Custom jobbing work is what our business was built on, if you require a one of a kind item then we can most likely fabricate it to your specification.

Maintenance & Repairs

If you have something that is in need of repair or restoration big or small we may be able to help, if we can’t we might know who can.

Materials Cut to Size

Do you have a DIY project that requires some material cut to size? We handle a large range of materials in sheet and extrusion form.


If you require a sign or display with a difference we can manufacture to your design, weather its lettering that stands out from a wall or a free standing panel.

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